#CheatsandMeeses Cheat Sheet

photo aug 06, 10 51 46 am

Cheats and Meeses Cheat Sheet. Rules of the Game

  1. Focus on Variety: Feature a variety of textures and milks in the cheese. Soft, creamy, spreadable, hard, and crumbly. Sheep, goat and cow!
  2. Cut the cheese and fluff the meat: The board should be set with items that are easy to pick up and enjoy.
  3. More is more: When you think you’re done, add two more vegetables, some nuts, and crackers.
  4. Think Georgia O’Keefe: SHOW THE LADY PARTS! Make your fruits and vegetables look interesting. Cut them and display them in new ways.
  5. Invite the perfect Bite: Put things next to each other that complement each other.
  6. Cook a tiny bit: Add something homemade or hard to find on your board, so it’s not easily replicated.
  7. Raid the pantry: Many pantry items work on a board. Check your pantry for nuts, dried fruits, crackers, and jarred veg.
  8. Don’t spend all your cheddar on cheese: I try not to spend more than $10 per cheese on a board.
  9. Tiny bowls! Use small bowl to organize your dips, olives, etc.
  10. Post it or it didn’t happen: Pay attention to how you photograph your board. Take  the photo from above, in natural light, and with a solid color backdrop.  Close-up videos are great too.

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