DIY Cheesy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday built on high expectations and it is so hard to deliver. This year, I’ve made it very easy. Follow this step-by-step guide to building the perfect Valentine’s Day grazing board to share with your sweetie. The materials cost $50 and are all from Trader Joe’s. This is a one stop shop board. You can do this! Tag #cheatsandmeeses on your creations so I can see your beautiful board.

How to build it…

Trader Joe’s Shopping List

Fruit and Nut Crisp Crackers ($3.99)

Sliced Salami de Parma ($4.99)

Sliced Prosciutto ($3.99)

Giant Chalkidiki olives ($2.29)

Blackberries 12oz. ($3.69)

Blue Stilton ($5.28)

Old Amsterdam Gouda ($5.88)

Pomegranate ($2.29)

Marcona Almonds ($5.99)

Goat Brie Mini Wheel ($2.99)

Sweetened dried lemon slices ($2.29)

Herb Rosemary ($1.69)

Spray Roses not edible ($4.99)

Trader Joe’s Total: $50.35

Note: Two extra Items not included in this list.

  1. Honeycomb from Savannah Bee Company. You can purchase here for $12.75 or a larger one on Amazon for $21.61
  2. Conversation hearts can be purchased at any drug store or on Amazon

***A reminder about edible flowers. Flowers sold in the herb section are truly edible. Even though a flower is technically an edible flower and sold in the florist section of the grocery store, it should not be eaten- they have many chemicals and pesticides on them.

The Board.

I used an 8×10 rectangular board. I recommend that you use any board you have on hand and cut a piece of wax paper or use painter’s tape of those dimensions to use as a guide to build your board on a larger board. If you want to buy a similarly sized board, I recommend this one from H&M.

The final result…









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